Why a bad hire  happens? - 38% of employers surveyed stated they had a bad hire as result of needing to fill a position quickly.

 - Careerbuilder

- Jim Collins

People are not your most important asset​.  The right people are."

As much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions.

 - Harvard Business Review


Infinium Search Group was founded with a common goal in mind — deliver the right people, at the right time, where they’re needed most.  Hiring the best people is critical to your business and is more than simply filling a head count.  At ISG, our selection and evaluation process is what sets us apart from the others.  Far too often hiring decisions at all levels within an organization are based solely on experience and skills.  While these are important considerations, it’s proven that behaviors, motivational characteristics and attributes often determine the right candidate for the long term.  This is the foundation of ISG’s search philosophy. 

In today’s market the Search Industry is largely dominated by transactional players with conflicting motives and a penchant for presenting quantity over quality. We consider our candidates to be a direct reflection of us. Therefore, we are extremely selective and diligent in working with only the top talent within the industry who possess the attributes and intangibles that will enhance your specific organization.

At ISG, we want to reestablish true partnerships and alignment of interests and assist in uncovering innovative candidates who will unlock tremendous potential for our clients.  We only source the industry’s very best talent through an extensive relationship network and our thorough personal evaluation process.  The result is higher-quality and higher-character candidates that integrate seamlessly into the culture of your organization.  We’re confident that our experience and process will not only minimize the time and money you invest in recruiting but will yield the results that both our clients and candidates expect.

If you feel our approach aligns with your business needs please Contact ISG for an initial consultation.

A Common Goal